Ossulstone Hundred Claims

While The Dee Sanction won’t be tied to London – there’s plenty of potential further afield over the 30 or more years covered within the concept of the game – I do plan to provide greater detail on a fictionalised version of the Ossulstone Hundred.

The division of London runs beyond the confines of this map, but here’s the focus of many adventures I’ve run to date. It seems a sensible spot to write more about – in a separate supplement and featuring fixed details and random tables aplenty. A few of those fixed points will be shops, traders and key personalities on streets and alleyways north and south of the river – and herein lies the opportunity for early supporters.

At Dragonmeet, I will have a poster map of the area – and you can lay claim to one of the twenty available enterprises with a name and an email address. You Claim Your Plot for £10 on the day – and I’ll give you a flyer with the map and a note of your claimed business.

When the core rules release in print, I will send you a signed copy. The business itself may appear in adventures, if they’re released before Ossulstone Hundred, or else they’ll make their first appearance in the supplement.

The email address will allow me to keep in touch and get your mailing address when it comes time to send you your copy of the core rules. I plan to have the core out Q1 2020, with the Ossulstone supplement coming at some point later – I don’t want to confirm anything this early in the development!

If all the businesses aren’t taken by the end of Dragonmeet, I’ll open up to the wider world – though there will need to be an adjustment in the claim to cover international shipping should someone make a claim from outside the UK. 

More information to follow on the game and supplement – but, I hope to see some willing entrepreneurs of Elizabethan London at Dragonmeet next week.

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