Safety Lies in Fear

I’ve lost patience with myself, because like the true language of angels completion of The Dee Sanction eludes me.

Worse yet, my attention has been momentarily drawn away by Safety Lies in Fear – a sort of West Marches-style prequel to the events of the game set in the years after the Dissolution of the Monasteries, where ruins and lawlessness find brave souls seeking to uncover treasures and battle a strengthening supernatural force in Henry VIII’s England.

Prevarication knows no bounds.

Therefore, I have offered a probably unplayable draft version of the current text to both patrons (on Patreon) and traders (those who sponsored a business in the Ossulstone Hundred), as there’s no UK Games Expo and no progress toward a proper release.

The version: 

  • contains no art and it also contains a bunch of sections that I have scattered in notes, but haven’t written up;
  • contains the adventure I’ve been running to playtest the game for the last year, along with a few bits of another adventure that I’ve run for the last five years but never taken the time to write;
  • has a layout that is basically scrapped, as I have stripped all the text out in the post-v0.8 version and put it elsewhere for further work. I have a habit of worrying about style before I’ve filled out the substance.

As supporters, they deserve this. But, keep in mind that this version is far from the finished product. Far, far from finished.

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