Pre-Generated Characters

During the playtesting of The Dee Sanction, it always proved useful to have a set of pre-generated characters to hand. While I could sometimes depend on player-created characters as part of an ongoing game, pre-gens make a useful fallback option for one-shots and conventions.

The five characters in the Pre-Generated Character Set include various occupations (all from Table I), with Abilities and Resources all chosen. The set also includes a blank on page 6 of the PDF.

The characters all follow the principles and options set out in the Core Book, apart from Gage the CourtierGage came into possession of a Focus — the Cheirokmeta — not included in the book, and both their Alchemy and Bluffing Abilities stem from that volume. As a Focus only has two Ability options, you have all the information you need on this character sheet to use the book in your game if you wish.

If players want different characters, visit Mr Garland on Twitter, then assign Resources and Abilities. Take a note and get playing.

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