Oblivion Index

Not The Dee Sanction, but distinctly supernatural.

The first draft of the Oblivion Index, for The Cthulhu Hack, is accessible to Patreons supporters — at Investigators, Dwellers and Bearers tiers— through a recently published post.

The core of this one popped into my head quite suddenly. Thankfully, I immediately took notes — I have a habit of not doing that and losing all the good ideas in the passage of time and sleep. Or just from walking through a new doorway.

It’s a work in progress dealing with the business of eldritch tomes in The Cthulhu Hack and how to handle them (really, really carefully). While in playtest, patrons can expect to see updates, as playtest and revelation strike.

It was an interesting writing exercise.

RPG Geek had a 48 Hours RPG Supplement Contest that — if the name doesn’t give it away completely — requires that you make something cool, from scratch, in a 48-hour period. This supplement was my thing; but, as the last element (provided by Cthulhu Hack stalwart of Wendigo fame, Richard August) was written in 2016 (for another system/publication) and the image isn’t public domain/Creative Commons (but, used with the kind permission of talented artist Daryl Toh, who you can support on Patreon), I wasn’t going to meet the entry criteria.

Nevertheless, it spawned new Cthulhu Hack material put together in about 48 hours, hatched from this great game design challenge and assisted (as usual) by a pretty decent level of Saturday creativity (in the midst of supporting #VirtualGrogmeet organised by Chris Hart from The Grognard Files).

I just thought I’d mention it, as Patreon also serves to support my general creativity, including The Dee Sanction. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, my day job seems to be consuming more, not less, of my time – which has left creative writing taking a distant backseat. The support of patrons helps a great deal to spur me on in those moments I can glean.


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