Utility: The Spark

With the planned intention of using a reusable system at the heart of The Dee Sanction for other games, I’m building that system – the Utility Roleplaying System – up as a central document.

I’m dealing with basic mechanics first; the next section will be the broad brush of character creation. The system will always use the interaction of several tables to create a lifepath specific to that game. That core aspect of Character Creation will be tied to the setting, so the Utility System itself isn’t fitted one—although I might give something very simple and generic a bit of thought.

As well as the current version in Dee, I already have some tables sketched out for Safety Lies in Fear and Brace for Impact, a sci-fi game that will tie into the random tables of the supplement of the same name and Some Kind of… I’ll likely jettison the existing rules in Brace at that point in favour of the Utility core set.

There’s a living document in progress, with playtest potential in some measure, and will expand into a releasable state in the near future, including a blank character sheet and basic tables for one (or all) of the games mentioned.

As ever, I welcome feedback at any time. If you want to get early sight of the document, become a patron through Patreon.

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