Adventures Kickstart in September

As a game with potential to see troubled and wary Agents sent across all the counties of England and beyond into the troubled depths of Europe, a Dee Sanction GM is always in need of adventures.

Simple mechanics and fast character generation combine to provide a great way to have quick pick up games or an ongoing campaign. If you seek some of that supernatural action with a table of friends, then you’ll want some adventures to get you going.

The Dee Sanction: Adventures gathers five such tales of horror and shadow, with contrasting themes and backdrops, pitting your expendable Agents against book thieves, traitors, elder magic, assassins and forces not of this earth.

The Dee Sanction: Adventures Kickstarter launches at 14:00 BST 1st September to fund a 36-page print book with maps, illustrations, and handouts.

With your support, stretch goals can add more illustrations, colour printing, additional adventures, and the possibility of more — like guidance on linking the adventures, extra adversaries, and additional adventure seeds to take you beyond the end of the current adventures.

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