ShadowLands to Publish The Dee Sanction

ShadowLands—publisher of Robotta, Starport, supplements for 5e and Cthulhu d100, and Pelgrane Press’s The Esoterrorists—will be publishing a Spanish translation of The Dee Sanction with additional translated and original material to follow.

As they announced on their YouTube Channel last night and a blog/podcast this morning, The Dee Sanction has joined their slate of development projects. The announcement attracted interest and excitement in the chat during the presentation. The follow-up blog post notes, “The Dee Sanction [is] one of those must-have little greats worth playing.”

With the excitement of winning the Best Role Playing Game Judges Award at UK Games Expo and the current funding of the printed Adventures, ShadowLands joining the fray in the battle against supernatural horror in Elizabethan Europe is another cherry on The Dee Sanction cake.

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