IMG_20141011_131147419Despite best efforts, the mechanics behind any version of the 214 system continue not quite to gel as I’d hoped. I think if I can’t quite get it to work in my head, it’ll be a tough sell at the table.

I have run half-a-dozen convention demo games and run two or three sessions at my local gaming group, but I think I need to up the effort and focus kicking this one into gear and out of the door.

I remain determined, for the time being, with the roll of a 7 on 2d6 mechanic. Without any expertise and under stress, that’s a slim chance, but not impossible. With some skill, the range expands to 6-through-to-8 on 2d6 – which means a better than 40% chance of success.

The game intentional emphasizes the need to use circumstance and expertise to the characters advantage. The team shouldn’t plough on in where even angels fear to tread – this isn’t a Monty Haul dungeon crawl without consequence.

Whether defending Queen and country in Tudor England, fighting the future in Ward 13 or battling the insidious Martian weeds in Red Watch – the characters have a lynchpin role in events that means failure has serious repercussions. They do not have the option to take things lightly, but they also face strange challenges that mean they cannot rely on others to bail them out.

On top of the dice mechanic, I also have the card-based character generation process, which I have found works really well. I have used it at conventions with considerable success. However, I’m keen to provide a more open and story-based option that would ask questions to fill in the answers currently offered by drawing cards from the character deck. With the right questions, I should have the means to tease out both character traits and a coherent connection with the setting/team.

I have further development of the project down as a resolution for the New Year. I plan to keep to it!

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2 Replies to “Resolve”

  1. gordsellar says:

    How goes the development? I’m curious about Complex 214 and interested to see how development has gone since the long-ago updates! 🙂

    1. admin says:

      I have been busy with The Cthulhu Hack – which has been absorbing considerable amounts of my time and creativity. However, I have also been running sessions of The Dee Sanction and tinkering with the 214 system mechanics, so it isn’t inactive. Dozing, perhaps?


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