Kickstarters Last 30 Hours

You’ll be relieved to know that there isn’t a complete countdown until the Kickstarter for The Dee Sanction ends, although please allow the indulgence of a few.
There are less than 30 hours left on the Kickstarter, so if you haven’t committed left or you’ve only opted for updates, then the deadline looms.
If you back at a level with access to stretch goals you will get yourself quite a bundle:
  • Five PDF adventures
  • PDF of 20 Tudor Mini Guild characters
  • PDF map of the Ossulstone Hundred
  • PDF of the Sanction Journal
  • 68-page core rules, including art by Evlyn Moreau, extended bestiary and extended character creation options
If you opt for a few Add-Ons, there’s a whole lot more to consider, including physical versions of the map or the journal — in the form of The Book of Days — as well as dice trays, game rolls, wipeable character cards, and extra copies of the core book.
And, you shouldn’t forget that even if you have backed already you can upgrade your pledge, add something extra — including books for The Cthulhu Hack — or give a shout-out and a share on Twitter, as if we hit 100 x shares we’ll add an extra pre-generated character to the existing five-character selection.
Check out all the details on The Dee Sanction Kickstarter at:

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