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The Dee Sanction Kickstarter has crashed, bashed and smashed through our initial goal and continued right on through the first NINE Stretch Goals. Given that this has happened in the first three days, we’ve been bowled over by your support.

At this point in the campaign — when we hit £14,000, everyone with access to stretch goals will have a 66-page core book to look forward to with an expanded, illustrated Bestiary, supported by four digital adventurestwenty mini Tudor characters, a digital map of the Ossulstone Hundred, and a digital Sanction Journal.

Over the remaining 18 days, we’re conscious that the same level of new pledges won’t continue — which is some measure of relief, as we’re going to run out of Stretch Goal ideas! — but we plan to update you on elements of the system, a little of the lore, and ponder possible Add Ons.

Whatever you do, don’t stop reaching out to people you know who might be interested in getting involved. The Dee Sanction is a niche game, but we’re happy to see that historical, supernatural niche blown wide open to as many people as possible. Remember to tag your posts #DeeSanctionRecruiting so we can network our efforts — the future of Queen and country depends on it.

And, as some measure of thanks, here’s a desktop image to adorn your PC or tablet (it might challenge a phone… we’ll look into it!)

Keep a watch for more updates and Stretch Goals achieved on The Dee Sanction Kickstarter.

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