Update Draft Released

Those who backed The Dee Sanction Kickstarter have been sent a revised edition of the Draft Core Rules and we edge closer to a final version in that release.

For those who have a copy in hand (and those who don’t can safely stop reading now!), the following key changes were made to the original release.

What Changed between and

Aside from a peppering of minor spelling mistakes, the key differences between the two releases boil down to:

  • Addition of the annotated Character Sheet in the Becoming Agents of Dee section — as a guide to where a reader can find the elements explained and/or generated.
  • Tweak to Back Story around using the tables for character generation—you use Association, Focus and one of the Occupation tables.
  • Change to both Favours and Abilities to note that there is no list of definitions for either and that it is down to the Table to make final decisions on reasonable limits.
  • Abilities contain a bit of clarity over how many to start with and from where to choose them.
  • An overhaul of Tradecraft, explaining the process of choice, use and expenditure, along with an ongoing example.
  • Expanded explanation of Challenges—success as well as falter; lower than D4, higher than D12; insurmountable challenges.
  • Availability of the Tools of Arch Defence.
  • A small revision to Fortune.
  • Additional explanation around Consequences and another instance where no specific definition exists.
  • Brief description of Graveshorn added in Bestiary.
  • Overhaul of the Glossary of Terms.
  • Update of the Bookmarks, including adding entities and enemies mentioned in the book—where notable—into the Bestiary.

What Next?

All being well, the final PDF will follow, then the print run of soft and hardcover copies can proceed.

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