Careful Preparations

20150517_153648As I have UK Games Expo in less than 2 weeks time and a session to run tomorrow evening, a little prep appeared in order for The Dee Sanction. I have spent some of today doing just that – having spent yesterday assisting with more general event prep.

Today, I have:

  1. Tweaked the rules for completing tasks
  2. Created an updated ‘character sheet’
  3. Added 8 new cards to the character stack
  4. Asked nicely for a special All Rolled Up dice bag

The task resolution system now supports losing something to push for success. You might get hurt, lose faith, or fall flat with a damning slap to the ego. Power, Penance, and Prestige can each take temporary or more permanent damage – the former ticked off in the boxes, the later written out as something more permanent.

So, you could tick off a Power, which indicates a twist, bruise or cut; three ticks mean something more permanent, like a broken bone, a minor concussion, or the loss of your favoured weapon.

The new character sheet has spaces at the bottom for your three character creation cards – in order A, B, and C – and room at the top for marking your state of wellbeing.

I have added more character cards – two new professions, three new affiliations, and three new bad books. That means I now have just one short of 12 cards for each – with the books falling short at 11. That works out as quite an array of skills, backgrounds and suggested period-appropriate names.

Finally, my wife was good enough to offer to make an All Rolled Up dice bag for my game – and I helped pick out material. I can’t guarantee that anyone else would want a bag in the combination of fabrics selected – but, you never know. I’ll post a picture when it’s done.

Aside from getting a handout or two prepared for the game, I should be ready for Expo (and tomorrow evening).

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