The Dee Sanction is Recruiting

We’re thrilled to announce that The Dee Sanction will be coming to Kickstarter from 1st November 2020.

A complete game in a compact 60-page illustrated book, The Dee Sanction is a tabletop role-playing game about serving Queen and country in the late Tudor period. This is a time when kingdoms vie for power, the Church splinters under the pressure of dissension, and creatures of folklore emerge from enforced hiding seeking revenge against those who imprisoned them.

The campaign will fund a printed, black-and-white illustrated book. That book is 95% written at the time the Kickstarter starts and has been trialled and tested over several years. Actual Play — both video and audio — will be linked from the Kickstarter page.

In addition to a basic softcover book, the Kickstarter will also offer a cloth-bound hardcover version with a foil-blocked sigil of the Black Seal on the front. For the Agent who wants to be the talk of the town, there’ll be a Kickstarter Exclusive in the form of an All Rolled Up game roll. It’s a versatile, compact hobby wrap, that’s way more than a dice bag.

The campaign’s core goal aims to bring The Dee Sanction to print with the artwork it deserves. Mindful that the book is almost complete, we’re keeping any stretch goals simple — focusing mostly on enhancements and digital extras.

We’ll be posting updates throughout the campaign and you have the opportunity to preview the Kickstarter page right now.

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