Message — RPGaDay #12

Both Dee and Kelley engaged in extended discourse with a multitude of angels, each delivering some form of a message.

As a scryer, Kelley would convey the conversation with the angels, while Dee would write it all down. Often, Kelley would be writing things down and Dee needed to translate; frequently, Kelley would write things down wrong and angels would chastise him for his lack of study or focus. All good fun; Kelley would often run off in a huff, declaring he was done with it.

When they were apart, both Dee and Kelley would engage in off schedule conversations of their own with otherworldly entities using base grimoire magick, which the angels would warn them against on many occasions. The angels indicated that such incantations were all too easily debased by the work of Satan and his demons, allowing evil spirits and bugs to access their hearts and minds with untruths.

This more operative magick – as opposed to the higher magick that focused on research and gradual understanding, built up over time. The message of the higher magick leads to more effort, more work, more research, more investment; these are the messages that will drive the Agents of the Dee Sanction on their investigations and quests.

These messages are never straightforward and often they require the Agents to gather hints, clues and greater understanding simply to grasp the wider possibilities and principles of the events that surround them. Sometimes, investigations will provide nothing more than greater insight; like uncovering the cypher that will allow you to translate the message. Or at least peal of another layer of the onion skin and step one pace closer to the heart of the mystery.

Every day during August, I’ll be writing something new on The Dee Sanction and aim to connect the word prompt of the day with the development of the game. Check out the concept, the list and the graphics over at AUTOCRATIK.

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